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Support research on Covid-19 diagnostic

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Benoît Muylkens

Make the difference and support Professor Benoît Muylkens’, virologist at the UNamur! His new Covid-19 diagnostic technique is an unexpected chance to test the population massively and systematically, a determining factor to contain the Covid-19 epidemic throughout the world.

A project to improve Covid-19 diagnostic

The UNamur researchers, jointly with Belgian and worldwide medical teams, have developed a new technique to diagnose Covid-19. A simple and transportable response to the worldwide shortage of the reactives normally used to diagnose this disease.  Thanks to the excellence of the Namur teams, the increase in the number of performed tests is a reality in Belgium.  A diagnostic platform has been developed at the UMons and 2 others will shortly be launched at the ULB.

Diagnostic in southern countries

In addition to the testing of samples sent by the Belgian hospitals, Prof. Benoît Muylkens want to go further.  He wishes to intensify his research to make it transposable to hospitals and universities in southern countries, in particular in Africa, where the number of cases is rising significantly. A major sanitary crisis is foreseen, because of the shortage of confinement places and the lack of equipment to test and nurse patients.

This is an urgent matter, considering the Covid-19 propagation speed in populations throughout the world.

Help our researchers by donating!

Donations will be entirely dedicated to equipment and researchers work:

  • Carry on research to consolidate a diagnostic technique easlily applicable in southern countries
  • Implementation of training tools for southern GPs and researchers (multilingual video platform, online platform, helpdesk...)
  • Creation of a starter pack and purchase of material (reactives, centrifuges...)

How to proceed?

  • Send a bank transfer to the UNamur account IBAN : BE92 3500 0000 0123 mentioning “Don + 5847850 + Covid »
  • Donate online


Donations from €40 benefit from a 45% tax cut. A €100 donation will cost you only €55 after tax deduction.


Our researchers thank you for your generosity!

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